Capture the extraordinary color of autumn.

This FREE eBook will show you my step-by-step workflow for photographing fall foliage.

Free eBook on photographing fall foliage landscapes

In this downloadable field guide, you will learn:

  • The different qualities of autumn light and how this unique environment can transform a mundane scene into a stunning show of texture and color.

  • How a simple shift in your perspective, focal length, or depth of field can be the difference between a snapshot and a fine art landscape photograph.

  • How the unsettled autumn weather (such as rain and temperature) and your gear can greatly alter the color and saturation of your foliage.

  • My step-by-step checklist for creating exceptional autumn images during any stage of the season, from the first hint of maple color to the last rusty-golden oak leaves.

  • Unlock your creative potential by using a shallow depth of field to compose unique and ethereal landscapes.

  • ...and so much more, including additional field guides and creative tutorials.