Clean Up Your Lightroom Catalog

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Has your catalog ever been so disorganized that you wanted to throw your catalog out the window and start fresh? I have yet to meet a photographer who jumped right into Lightroom with a flawless strategy for organizing their images.

Developing the right system (for YOU) is something that naturally evolves over time as you refine your craft. This means that you probably have a large collection of redundant keywords, disorganized collections, and perhaps even missing files and folders…..which can grow quite large over the years. Or perhaps you’re brand new to Lightroom and want to make sure you get things right from the beginning.

I’ll be walking you through my ultimate clean-up workflow step-by-step, for a neat and tidy catalog…as well as showing you several strategies for staying organized from this point forward. This five-step process is the system that I’ve used for years now, and it’s never failed me.