creativeRAW Member Feedback

Hi Folks! Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback on the new creativeRAW platform.

1. Video Structure

Some members have asked for longer lessons to be split up into smaller segments so the information is more easily absorbed. I uploaded an example of what this would be like with the histogram lesson…found under the new Lightroom Develop Module course, which is the first course listed in your Dashboard. Please log into your account and take a look, then select an answer below and/or comment to let me know what you think.

2. Member Conversations

We have a fantastic creativeRAW Facebook group that connects lifetime members with other photographers, and will often have some great conversations. However, you may want your own smaller place to connect with only lifetime subscribers.

*Note: My ideal choice would be a private forum on creativeRAW so that you’re not locked into Facebook, but I tried that a few years ago and interest waned quickly…most likely because it’s a hassle to log into and keep track of another website.

Please choose your preference below:

3. What else would you like to see in the program?

Do you have any thoughts or questions on the new platform, or would like to see additional features? Please post a comment below so other members can contribute. Many thanks for feedback and help, it’s much appreciated!

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