LEARN MY PROVEN SYSTEM TO MASTER LIGHTROOM AND PHOTOSHOP and create a faster, easier, and more enjoyable workflow.

This comprehensive, 45+ hour training program tackles the entire Lightroom-to-Photoshop workflow. With 18 modules and over 200 bite-sized lessons, from import to export, I’ll walk you through every feature of Lightroom and Photoshop in small, manageable steps so you can put these new techniques into practice immediately.


I’ve spent years perfecting this process, and now you can learn the blueprint for my most powerful processing techniques…and create your best, most expressive landscapes ever!

Wouldn't it be Extraordinary if you Could...

Easily import and catalog your photos on total auto-pilot…and develop a comfortable system to organize your images and quickly find any photo with just a few clicks.

Eliminate the technical hurdles that hold you back and supercharge your Lightroom and Photoshop knowledge, so you can quickly become the landscape photographer you want to be.

Never be disappointed again with how your landscape photos turn out after you’ve edited them.

Easily float between Lightroom and Photoshop with total confidence and speed instead of confusion and overwhelm.

Never have to worry again about mistakenly losing your precious edits or misplacing your raw files.

Finally MASTER both Lightroom and Photoshop by learning a complete, professional workflow from import to export…instead of a patchwork of random knowledge picked up from articles and YouTube videos.

Gain expert knowledge directly from a professional landscape photographer that leaves no stone unturned, instead of a “jack-of-all-trades” program that teaches you very little about landscapes.

Join a Lightroom + Photoshop training program that is comprehensive enough for both complete beginners AND seasoned professionals.

Continue to learn cutting-edge Lightroom and Photoshop techniques for years to come…without having to pay month after month for the privilege.

Be able to condense years of Lightroom and Photoshop training into one complete program…that you can watch on your OWN schedule, whenever (and wherever) you want. 

Have it all packaged together into one comprehensive learning system… instead of disjointed eBooks, courses, and tutorials (that have a LOT of redundant overlap).




Lifetime Membership Program

My signature training program will expertly guide you through the powerful tools and features of both Lightroom AND Photoshop….and will teach you hundreds (literally) of professional tips, tricks, and valuable nuggets of knowledge that you wish you’d known sooner!


Geoff Dawes

"I would recommend the course to anyone who is not only interested in learning the how’s but also the why’s of post processing. With what I have learnt in this course I could probably turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Thanks Chris.”

Lightroom and Photoshop are Simple Programs to Master…

Although it may not always seem like it.

If you want to become an expert in Lightroom and Photoshop in the easiest, fastest way possible (without sacrificing quality)…

…chances are you’ll want to learn how to do it properly.

The creativeRAW Lifetime Membership Program will give you the strategies that work for your photography, so you don’t have to waste years of trial-and-error figuring out the best way to process and organize your images.

Because I’ve already done all that for you.

With expert, step-by-step guidance through beginner to advanced techniques, learn how to masterfully use these programs with intent and direction instead of random slider adjustments.

I’ll help you to perfect your own air-tight, streamlined workflow with no more confusion or overwhelm!

With a hefty 45+ hours of complete A-TO-Z video instruction, join me as I walk you through all the fantastic features of Lightroom and Photoshop so you can organize and process your images in minutes, not hours.

Learn the “latest and greatest” techniques for creating extraordinary, artistic landscapes…and how to tame your image library and set up a flawless organizational system.

Let’s go over exactly what you’ll be learning about Lightroom and Photoshop...and what these two incredible programs can do for your landscape photography.




The best workflow in Lightroom starts right at the beginning with the import window. Here you will save hours of frustration by learning how to properly import your images and prepare them for a seamless Lightroom workflow.

  • Working with catalog files: what they are and how to use them.
  • Learn all of the importing methods (copy, move, add, DNG) and how to choose one or more destination.
  • What previews are and how to choose the best format.
  • Save time by adding keywords, metadata, and develop presets at import!



Lightroom isn’t all about processing: the Library is indispensable for a photographer. With over 5 hours of video tutorials, I walk you through the entire Library for fast and efficient image organization and management.

  • Quickly rate, flag, and label your import for a streamlined organization.
  • Develop powerful culling strategies so you can cut down on the clutter and focus only on your best work.
  • All about keywords: Tips and tricks for adding easy-to-remember keywords that will greatly increase your organizational capabilities.
  • Learn the “ins and outs” of collections and how they are used to instantly pull images based on hundreds of variables: date, location, and even what lens or f/stop!



After the Library, we then jump into the Develop Module and learn how to use all of the revolutionary tools to recover and enhance your images. With almost 6 hours of instruction in this chapter alone, transform the unusable into exceptional photographs worthy of display.

  • How to expertly use global and local tools (such as the radial & graduated filters, the adjustment brush, tone curve and dehaze slider) for correcting exposure and recovering blown highlights/crushed shadows.
  • Complete walkthrough of noise removal, getting rid of dust spots and other unwanted distractions (such as power lines) and expert sharpening.
  • HDR merging and panoramas: how to blend multiple exposures together and recover the full tonal range, and also how to stitch frames together for a seamless panorama.
  • Master both the lens correction and camera calibration panels to instantly correct for any lens distortions and unwanted color casts.



Expand and enhance your processing vision: learn extraordinary creative techniques to bring out those beautiful (yet often hidden) colors and tones in your landscape photographs.

  • Learn how to use simple and advanced workflows for specialized creative effects.
  • Master cutting-edge color tools (such as the HSL panel, the point curve, and split-toning) to apply targeted color shifts for vibrant, one-of-a-kind landscape images.
  • Flow & Balance: Learn how to add custom vignettes and expertly dodge and burn to control the flow and balance of your composition.
  • HDR Color Processing: Discover how to color process HDR images and take advantage of the full tonal range, amplifying those hidden details and textures through precise adjustments.
  • BONUS! Three comprehensive lessons on developing your own creative vision so you can perfect a style that is instantly recognized as being yours.



Learn extraordinary tonal techniques that bring out the understated beauty of your black and white landscape photographs.

  • Master your filters and brushes for targeted black & white adjustments.
  • Learn how to create custom vignettes, and dodge and burn like a pro to direct the balance of your composition.
  • Enhance texture and contrast by controlling your highlights and shadows.
  • Greatly improve the mood and atmosphere by split-toning your black & white landscapes.
    …and MUCH more!



  • Learn what final touches to add before exporting to give your images that polished look.
  • Complete walkthrough of the preset panel: how to edit, manage, and create your very own custom presets that enhance your unique workflow and techniques!
  • Full coverage of the export window: this course will walk you through the best settings to choose, whether sending to a printer or saving for web display.
  • Print Module: I’ll show you how to print your images at home and easily create picture packages and custom layouts.
  • Time-saving features such as adding watermarks and creating professional contact sheets are also covered.
  • BONUS! Complete step-by-step walkthrough of the Map Module.




Photoshop is used for a lot more than processing photographs, which is why your workspace can become cluttered with tools and panels you will never use. Tour the Photoshop interface with me and learn how to re-organize your layout just for photographers….giving you a smoother, more streamlined workflow.

  • Learn how professional photographers set up their interface for maximum efficiency and easy access to tools and palettes.
  • Tweak the default preferences. I’ll show you the best settings to speed up performance and eliminate those unnecessary features that bog down your workspace.
  • Choose the correct color space and make sure that your tones and hues are accurately represented from import to export. No more disappointing color changes to your carefully processed image!
  • BONUS! Full walkthrough of ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and how to properly enhance your raw file.

Now you can glide through Photoshop with speed and certainty instead of getting bogged down from clunky performance and a cluttered workspace.




Deepen the meaning of your photographs with an expanded dynamic range. Learn the right way to capture (and blend) every single detail for an artful, yet completely natural-looking landscape photograph.

  • Join me as I walk you through my most challenging exposure blend of them all: a bracketed panorama shot directly into the sun.
  • Learn to blend exposures with 100% accuracy each and every time with luminosity masks and blend modes.
  • Blend without halos or muddy tones. I’ll show you my tips for blending “inside of the lines” so you always have a perfectly-contoured blend with no loss of detail!
  • Reverse sensor blooming easily with smart objects. No more unsightly fringing or ghosting.
  • Light balancing techniques: My best methods for matching light between brackets for a realistic, yet artful blend.
  • Learn three additional blending workflows designed for simpler compositions.
  • A full walkthrough of the entire in-the-field bracketing process….giving you all the ingredients needed for a seamless exposure blend.

SPECIAL NOTE: Includes advanced tips and tricks not found in my free mini-courses.



Dodging and burning is absolutely the number one technique for enhancing the mood and atmosphere of your photographs, which makes it one of my favorite processing tools. This incredible workflow allows you to control and direct the light, and the amount of creative freedom you have is absolutely phenomenal.

  • A comprehensive walkthrough of the best dodging and burning techniques in Photoshop, giving you the highest quality result and the most versatility.
  • Learn how to dodge and burn with both global and targeted adjustments for ultimate creative control…and retain a completely non-destructive workflow!
  • Master advanced dodging and burning workflows for localized creative tonal work, so you can enhance small details that add to the depth and drama of your image.
  • Take control of your Blend Modes to instantly improve the quality of your dodging and burning; no more muddy tones or unsightly tonal clipping.
  • BONUS! Six (6) complete workflow videos that will teach you the following dodging & burning techniques: enhancing texture, directing the eye, adding drama, depth & dimension, and light bleed.



Learn how to “paint with light” by using luminosity masks to tailor your adjustments. These masks are massively useful for every single tool in Photoshop: sharpening, blending, dodging & burning….you name it, luminosity masks can make it better!

  • The most comprehensive training in luminosity masks you’ll ever find! With 2.5 hours of expert instruction just on luminosity masks, I break down this advanced workflow into simple layman’s terms...and reinforced with many examples. Finally learn exactly how Photoshop brilliantly creates these tailored and self-feathering masks.
  • Complete walkthrough of how to create luminosity masks yourself. Gain confidence and add to your expertise by knowing how to create these masks step-by-step without any need for actions or panels.
  • Learn dozens of ways to incorporate luminosity masks into your workflow and achieve a pro-level quality to your photographs. Every tool and technique in Photoshop can be improved with these masks, and I'll show you how.
  • Master advanced luminosity selections for complete creative control. Learn how to alter and refine a mask and use them to perform expert masking techniques that professionals use…such as exposure blending, sky replacements, composites, controlled sharpening, and adding contrast without damage.

SPECIAL NOTE: Includes advanced tips and tricks not found in my free mini-courses.



Enhance the mood, light, and texture of your landscapes with the refined tools of Photoshop. Learn how I deepen the meaning behind the frame and create a more intense atmosphere through specialized workflows...designed especially for landscape photography.

  • The Orton Effect: Amplify your highlights and make them glow to create an ethereal environment.
  • Briscoe Light: Instantly "paint" highlights that radiate with this cutting-edge technique for a dramatic, yet natural lighting effect.
  • Atmospheric Perspective: Add depth and dimension with this simple, yet highly effective method for grander landscapes.
  • Sun Rays and Sun Glows: Create striking sunrises and sunsets by magnifying the intensity of your golden hour light.



Learn every step of my signature 5-part color grading workflow that has taken me years to develop and refine. This easy-to-follow system can be used for any photograph to create vivid, rich colors that explode with detail and light.

  • Master the color range tool and adjustment layers to isolate and enhance your colors for precise, clean color grading.
  • Light Painting: Step-by-step walkthrough of my advanced light painting workflow that enhances the natural light....creating more depth, interest, and texture.
  • Color Theory with Adobe Color Themes: Learn how to strengthen your color harmony with this innovative panel for more intense, brilliant hues.
  • Luminosity Masks are most powerful with color grading. I'll walk you through my simple and advanced techniques for enhancing depth, enriching colors, and fine-tuning your adjustments for wall-worthy landscapes.
  • BONUS! Processing in Photoshop is also about what you don't see. Learn how I skillfully remove typical annoyances in landscape photography...such as white fringing, lens flares, and distracting color banding.



A strong composition is critical in landscape photography...because no amount of color and tonal work can improve a weak frame. Learn how the experts shape their frames to strengthen the flow and balance.

  • Transform and Warp: Master the advanced tools of Photoshop by molding your composition to create a harmonious scene.
  • Advanced Focal Blending: Reverse the distortion of wide-angle lenses in your panoramas by blending different focal lengths together.
  • Puppet Warp: Learn how this simple tool can yield incredible results by gently repositioning your focal points  - 100% non-destructively.
  • Clone Stamping: Full walkthrough of this powerhouse tool. Expertly remove distractions and move your focal points at the highest quality.
  • Patch Tool, Healing Brush, and Content-Aware Move: This trio will equip you to handle any situation. Take advantage of this powerhouse team of tools and tap into the advanced "brain" of Photoshop for expert pixel-based alterations.
  • Smart Objects and the non-destructive workflow: Learn how I use smart objects to make pixel-based changes (such as cloning and warping) that are instantly reversible!

What Current creativeRAW Members Have to Say...


Larry Nevins

"The course is tremendously valuable. Even more valuable is your willingness to answer questions and offer advice – to be a mentor."


"I don’t typically write, but I have to this time. I want to thank you VERY much for these videos. I am an amateur photographer that is exploring using stock photography to build up another income source. Lightroom has been an enigma to me, and my fear of delving into it has kept me from doing any significant post-processing.


Just finished the course. Wow! The course is easily the best money I’ve spent to help me overcome my fear of LR and post-processing. You’ve produced a powerful and extremely useful tool for folks like me who were afraid of LR. I’ve already been able to select and edit enough images to be able to submit to stock agencies to get started. This is a big step forward for me; one which I’ve hesitated to take for too long. Thank you!”


Paula Buermele

"I highly recommend these courses for photographers who want their photos to reflect the beauty of their work."


"I began learning Lightroom with Chris’s classes in 2015. I was new to digital photography and I knew nothing about how to process a photo. I wanted to shoot in RAW and learn to bring out the potential of my shots.


Chris’s method of teaching is very methodical and the lessons are presented in a logical order. I was able to build a sensible workflow right from the beginning. Most other teaching programs ignore things like lens correction and the transform tools but no stone is left unturned in the creativeRAW modules. I not only built a solid set of processing skills, I built confidence in my results.


The most important thing I learned was how to analyze my photos to see what needed adjustment. I didn’t waste time just guessing what to do or experimenting and getting a pleasing result with no idea about how I got the result or how to repeat it on other photos.


I am looking forward to repeating my success with the Photoshop classes. I have learned to use a few tools in Photoshop on my own, but lack the comprehensive knowledge that I know I will gain by going through the CreativeRAW modules.


The lifetime membership option is especially valuable. I know I can count on Chris to help me work through a question or give helpful advice on how to solve a problem that eludes me. The facebook forum is also a gentle way to stay in touch with other photographers and get inspiration or simply enjoy other people’s work.”


Stephen Bavis

"Overall, I am very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend creativeRAW to other photographers who need help in using Lightroom or Photoshop."


"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my subscription to creativeRAW. I don’t normally give testimonials, but in your case, it was well deserved.

The quality of the videos is superb, taking us through the detailed steps necessary to get the best out of Lightroom and Photoshop. My photo processing has improved significantly as a result of following the techniques you explain. In part, that is helped by you providing copies of the files you work with in the videos so that we can copy what you do. The best way to learn, is to do!
I’m also impressed by the level of personal support you provide. I started the Lightroom course using an older version. When I contacted you to explain the issues I was having, you provided an older copy of the Lightroom catalog so that I could practise the techniques.
You are also open to answering detailed questions, which is a big help to those of just starting out on the Lightroom journey. Plus, your response is very quick, usually within a day (despite the time zone difference between the USA and the UK!)."

Wendy Jacobs

“My photography has improved immensely and I have recommended to a number of my friends and to fellow members of the camera club to which I belong, that they should not hesitate to become lifetime subscribers.”


“As a novice photographer, this course was an inspiration. Previously I had looked at a number of tutorials which in the main assumed a certain amount of knowledge which I just did not have.


I then came across tutorials by Chris O’Donnell and suddenly I had found someone who was able to explain the basics of Lightroom for landscape photography in a very detailed and easy to understand way.

After viewing a number of free tutorials by Chris I decided to take the plunge and sign up for a lifetime subscription to his courses. This was the beginning of a great learning experience. The course was compiled in a very structured and easy to follow set of lessons, which could be viewed as often as you wished and in any order if you wanted to go over a particular area which was proving difficult.

The other way in which this course excels is in the one on one support. Chris makes it easy to email him with any questions and responds so quickly I was amazed at the promptness and thoroughness of his replies. Every question is treated courteously, although I am sure some of mine showed my lack of knowledge of the subject originally.

Photoshop has now been added to the Lifetime course at no extra cost and with the same level of expert tuition. Whether you are a novice, as I was, or an experienced photographer, this course will definitely improve your understanding and enjoyment of your craft.”

Here's What You'll Receive When You Enroll in the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM:


    Watch the entire program via 24/7 online access from any computer, tablet, or mobile device in the world with a username and password, and/or download the HD video files for offline viewing.


    The creativeRAW Lifetime Membership courses come with all practice photos so you can follow along to each lesson, step-by-step and achieve the very same results you see in the tutorials.


    Expand and enhance your processing vision: learn specialized creative techniques and bring out the hidden beauty of your landscape images.


    No middle-person to go through. Connect directly to the course creator (that’s me!) for UNLIMITED one-on-one email support to answer any of your Lightroom and Photoshop questions.


    This program is divided up into easy-to-follow, targeted videos that allow you to quickly and easily navigate to the lessons that you want to learn through an innovative menu system.


    Lessons are designed to blend the simplicity of Lightroom with the refined, specialized techniques of Photoshop – perfect for total beginners to seasoned pros looking for new creative ideas.


Your Lightroom and Photoshop learning will not stop at the last lesson!

I’ve included some handy bonuses with your enrollment to help further your creative development for YEARS to come.


VALUE: $295

As an added bonus I also include NINETEEN complete workflow videos (with practice files) which are incredibly helpful. Watch me edit and process images from start to finish as I walk you through every step of my processing workflow.

I really think you’re going to enjoy these workflow videos because they are extremely important to your complete learning experience.

It’s a lot like fitting pieces of a puzzle together: the course lessons provide you with the tools and the techniques, but the workflow videos are the blueprints that tell you which piece goes where...or rather where and when you should perform a particular technique to your photograph.

The best part about these workflows is that they use no presets – meaning you will actually learn step-by-step how to process intense, breathtaking landscapes instead of relying on automation.

Raw File Final Image


VALUE: $400

Expert advice will always be just an email away!

Enrolling in the creativeRAW Lifetime Membership program means that you can count on hands-on support throughout your entire learning experience, and long after you’ve completed the lessons.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve heard from other photographers is that when they take a workshop or purchase a course, personal feedback and one-on-one attention is rare – if you don’t get the info on the first try, you’re left in the dark…

The creativeRAW Lifetime Membership program is specifically designed to make it quick and easy to contact me as you move through the lessons. 

Get instant feedback with unlimited email mentorship.

No pre-recorded webinars, no monthly group calls, and no limits whatsoever. It’s 100% undivided attention to YOUR personal questions as I handhold you down the path towards Lightroom and Photoshop mastery.

This bonus is EXTREMELY valuable as you’ll have direct and unlimited access to expert guidance, whenever you need it….and will keep you on the narrow road towards success in the digital darkroom.

Also, this bonus will NEVER expire...so you’re investing in a lifetime of Lightroom + Photoshop support.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 1.58.58 PM

Pam Wolfe

"I can truthfully say these courses by Christopher O’Donnell are first rate. His teaching methods are so easy to understand and if you ever have a question, he responds quickly to your email with a clear and concise answer.

Even if you have used both of these programs, there’s still plenty to learn. I’m confident if you enroll, you will not be disappointed!"


VALUE: $500

You NEVER have to buy another course or pay a recurring fee, ever.

When you sign up for the creativeRAW Lifetime Membership program, you’ll be auto-enrolled into ALL future updates –absolutely free.

This means that your one-on-one support and expert education doesn’t dry up when you’ve made it through all of the lessons (which should keep you happy and creative for quite a while).

Since I’m constantly updating the program with new and creative lessons for both Lightroom and Photoshop, your creativeRAW Lifetime membership is an INVESTMENT that keeps improving over time!

Each of the 18 modules you will get TODAY are a course in themselves, with much more learning in the pipeline for 2018 and beyond.

It’s all the perks and benefits of a membership site, but without the monthly fee!

Why should you keep paying in order to learn new tools and techniques? With lifetime updates and an endless amount of creative learning, you can always stay current on the latest Lightroom and Photoshop features without ever having to purchase a course again.

No gimmicks, and no hidden fees. Just pay the enrollment fee once and you are all set to receive years of Lightroom & Photoshop learning at no additional cost.

I’m proud to say that NO other course out there offers TRUE lifetime enrollment like this.

And it’s all ready and waiting for you.


The creativeRAW Lifetime Membership Program is Perfect for you if:

  • You are passionate about your photography and mastering the digital darkroom, and you’re willing to put in the work to make that happen.

  • Are feeling stuck, overwhelmed with conflicting information and unable to take your next step….and searching for a reliable and consistent program to guide you through the murky waters of Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • Are done making excuses about why you can’t wrap your head around the digital darkroom, and are ready to finally have fun and truly enjoy the creative process.

  • Want a clear, step-by-step blueprint of my workflow with hand-holding guidance instead of theoretical content that you have no idea how to apply.

  • Want true one-on-one support from a landscape photography expert and connect with a passionate group of like-minded peers.

  • Are ready to leap over the technical hurdles that have been holding you back from truly learning Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • Are willing to step outside of your comfort zone, experiment with the best creative tools, and master the most advanced processing techniques specifically for landscape photography.

Let's Quickly Recap What You're Getting Today...

Lightroom and Photoshop Courses


  • 45+ hours of expert Lightroom & Photoshop training (video streaming and/or downloads).
  • Most comprehensive video course for landscape photography processing (200+ lessons).
  • All practice images included so you can follow along step-by-step.

19 Start-to-Finish Workflow Videos


  • Over 7 hours of step-by-step training.
  • Watch me process original images and learn every step I take, start to finish.
  • All practice images are included for complete hands-on learning.

Lifetime One-on-One Email Mentoring


  • Receive direct email access to myself for ALL your photography questions.
  • No restrictions. Ask me as many questions as you want, as often as you need to.
  • BONUS: Full access to the private Facebook group.

Lifetime Membership Enrollment


  • NO MORE MONTHLY FEES! Pay once and learn forever, period.
  • Receive every future course and update from creativeRAW 100% FREE.
  • Includes ALL courses and lessons under development…and any education I create after that!

This massive program has a combined value of OVER $2,000

but you won’t be paying anywhere near that amount.

Choose Your Payment Option Below and Get Started Today


$39 USD

  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Support
  • 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee


$197 USD

  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Support
  • 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee

Do You Have Any Questions? Need Help?

Write me directly at chris@creativeraw.com

What Current creativeRAW Members Have to Say...


Joen Wolfrom

"I am thrilled with my new-found knowledge and photo-editing skills. For me, this class has been a priceless opportunity.”


"As a long-term Lightroom underachiever, I vowed that this year was my year to become proficient in Lightroom. Hence I jumped at the chance to enroll in Chris O’Donnell’s online class. Chris’s lessons, presented in a sequential learning style, set me right on-course.


The first lessons were welcome reviews with new insights presented in an informal, learning-friendly pace. Subsequent lessons gave me the much-needed information that I yearned to know and provided me with hands-on experimentation for skill-building.


Knowing this, he should be truly impressed with himself, as it’s been sunny and in the 70s and 80s these past few days and I haven’t even noticed. I’ve been immersed in the lessons and my practice images. My head is spinning; my notebook is jammed with notes, and I’m on a Lightroom high!"


Geoff Dawes

"You really are one of the best Trainers I think I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with."


"Well thought out and very well produced. It is the most comprehensive and helpful course I have ever taken, and I have taken a lot of courses.


The “nuts and bolts” of the course, learning the myriad of buttons and controls, is done in such a way as to be extremely easy to follow and implement. But what puts this course a level above any other I have done is the fact that Chris explains in great detail why one would use the adjustments explained.


This has meant for me that when I take a photograph my decisions are not just based on field conditions anymore, but also on what I can achieve later in post processing.


I am so looking forward to the next batch of lessons. Have never had so much fun learning something new.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 1.58.58 PM

Pam Wolfe

"I've been a lifetime member for years and I'm always amazed at the courses Chris continues to add, always more to learn. Best deal ever!"


"From beginner to professional, everything you need to know about Photoshop and Lightroom you will find with a membership to creativeRAW!


The best deal is the lifetime membership where you pay one very reasonable cost and everything Chris O'Donnell adds is yours at no additional charge. You get comprehensive courses in Photoshop and Lightroom, plus free ebooks, handouts, cheatsheets, practice files, videos and more.


If you ever have a question, it's so easy to send Chris a note. You won't believe how quickly he gets back to you with a detailed, concise answer! His teaching style is so easy to understand and he explains not only how to take the steps to process your photos, but why. This to me is invaluable!"


Mike Fitzpatrick

"It is evident that Chris cares deeply about his craft and unselfishly shares his knowledge with others."


"When I retired I began a quest to get back into photography and learn PS and LR. I utilized free and paid subscriptions from a variety of web sources and acquired Chris’s initial LR course in a bundle with other photography related items. I was blown away by the course which was far superior to any others I had seen both in terms of organization and content.


I have since become a lifetime member of creativeRAW and never regretted it. The new website is beautiful and I look forward to completing the new PS courses.


The courses offer something for beginners to advanced users and information is presented in an easy to follow format that tracks your progress and offers quick links to review areas that need additional work. He is continually adding content and provides free one-on one-support to lifetime members.


I would like to thank Chris for all his efforts and strongly encourage others to consider a lifetime membership. You will be happy you did."


You’re Fully Covered With a
60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The creativeRAW Lifetime Membership program walks you through the exact workflow that I use for my own photographs. I have gone through years of trial-and-error to refine and enhance this system that creates intense, dramatic landscape photographs using innovative, yet simple Lightroom and Photoshop techniques. I am absolutely confident that you will find the same results I did and will see a dramatic improvement in your landscape images.

If you feel like you haven’t got 10X the value of this course, I will promptly refund your money within 60 days of purchase. Absolutely no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

I’m happy to offer this guarantee because I am certain you will love this program. If you think there’s even a slight chance that this course will enhance your landscape photography, you should enroll today as there is absolutely NO RISK in doing so.


    Once you pay the full enrollment fee, you’re locked in for LIFETIME ACCESS to all future creativeRAW courses and lessons!

  • 45+ HOURS AND 200+ LESSONS

    Expertly crafted step-by-step video tutorials that you can stream and/or download.


    Process right along with each lesson by downloading every practice image; catalog file included for easy organization!


    Engage with other landscape photographers from around the world through the Private creativeRAW Facebook Group!


    Unlimited access to additional PDF cheatsheets, field guides, and practice packs to enhance your education.


    I walk you through my entire processing workflow from start to finish, explaining every step of the way!


    Direct, one-on-one email access to get answers to all your Lightroom & Photoshop questions – this alone is worth more than the entire enrollment fee!


    No restrictions on downloads or access. The one-time fee grants you 24/7 entry from as many devices as you want!


    Ask for a FULL refund if the course is not for you, absolutely no questions asked.



$39 USD

  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Support
  • 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee


$197 USD

  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Support
  • 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee

Do You Have Any Questions? Need Help?

Write me directly at chris@creativeraw.com

Satish Dasari

"I have found both your Lightroom course and Photoshop course to be an excellent learning tool. You are very patient in explaining the reasoning behind why you choose smart objects as a way to keep track of any changes now or in the future!


You have provided free updates to your courses with the life membership, I am not sure if there is any other instructor out there who does this. I would recommend creativeRAW to anyone interested in learning how to process images, they will not be disappointed."

Lynn B.

"Chris is an amazing teacher! His lessons are clear, well organized, and presented in a way that is helpful to beginners as well as more advanced Photoshop and Lightroom users.


The e-books and PDFs are the same great quality as the courses and tutorials. As an older (75 years!) learner, I appreciate the pace as well as the precision with which Chris presents his lessons.


Each course is clearly outlined, so any particular lesson can be accessed at any time. Chris readily --and patiently-- responds to any questions.


Creative Raw is a major resource for helping me to grow as a photographer and as a photo editor. I've been a lifetime member of Creative Raw since its inception. The fact that the subscription is lifetime and not a monthly or annual payment is great because Chris updates courses as needed, and offers new courses at no cost to members.


This makes it possible to review a course at any time and to take advantage of the various helpful handouts. I'm especially appreciative of being able to download course videos as well as sample images.


A lifetime membership to Creative Raw is an opportunity for lifetime learning!"

Claude Hamel

"This membership has been a real help in my development. "


"I value my lifetime Creative Raw membership more than anything. It presents an impressive and comprehensive package of tutorials. All modules are extremely well structured and lessons are developed with great pedagogy.


I have subscribed to other membership of the kind before, but this is the only one that truly honours its commitment to one-on-one assistance when required. Questions are answered quickly and comprehensively. Thank you Chris!"

Wayne Gillespie

“Chris' knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom is off the charts and his ability to explain it to newbies like me is equally invaluable. He is so dedicated to his craft and his sharing of this knowledge with the members just shows how passionate he is to teach the world how to master the very intimidating world of Photoshop and Lightroom.


On top of that, the 24-7 one on one help is just as he states. A mere email away. I have asked him many times to explain things to me and his response is almost immediate and so helpful. He won't make you feel intimidated to ask at any time.


I can say, because I have tried other sites, that you will never get this type of support without having to pay an awful lot more and have a subscription that constantly has to be renewed with additional funds ad infinitum.


My photography has improved immensely by viewing and using the techniques that are taught at Creative Raw. There were many times that I really wanted to throw a brick through my monitor when I used Photoshop. That is no longer the case. When I get stuck now I will just send a jingle to Chris and he will get right back with a detailed explanation of what I am missing.


If you have any need to improve your skills in Lightroom and Photoshop, I would highly recommend that you become a lifetime member immediately and begin the journey to mastering these programs with Chris' help. You will not be disappointed.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes the creativeRAW Lifetime Membership Program different from regular online courses?

There are dozens of courses out there which teach snippets of Photoshop that leave you with more questions than answers, or a handful of Lightroom “hacks” that only work for 5 minutes, and never look the same from photo to photo.

The creativeRAW Lifetime Membership program is a complete, A-Z learning system that I have developed and refined over the past 10 years…and is the exact formula that I personally use on every single image I produce. It’s also the only program that offers expert training coupled with in-depth personal support. This combination is absolutely key to helping you create the images you’ve always wanted to create!

What happens when I enroll?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you’ll be granted instant access (via username and password emailed to you) to all of the course material: 45+ hours of detailed, step-by-step instructional videos (HD-quality) segmented into 200+ video lessons, eighteen bonus workflow videos, and all unique practice files to follow along with each video.

Complete handholding from start to finish, with additional goodies like cheatsheets and PDF guides to help you through the more advanced lessons.

How soon can I start?

That’s the best part: immediately! No need to wait for multiple gigabytes to download as you sift through folders of lessons. The entire program is loaded and ready to go as soon as you hit purchase, and each lesson is laid out in chapters (called modules) so you can easily navigate to the exact topic you want to learn – instantly!

Of course, you can also download every lesson for offline viewing – it’s entirely up to you. There is no expiration on enrollment, so you can log in at any time to watch and/or download the lessons – fast and simple!

What version of Lightroom and Photoshop should I have?

The Lightroom for Landscapes system is designed to work best with Lightroom 5 and 6 standalone, and Lightroom Classic (formerly known as Lightroom CC). You can use this course for earlier versions of Lightroom, but keep in mind that some lessons will not apply. The Photoshop for Landscapes system uses the latest CC release of Photoshop, but can be used as far back as CS5, with the exception of a few non-essential tools.

Is there any fine-print to the Refund Policy?

The creativeRAW Lifetime Membership program details the exact workflow that I use for my own photographs. I have spent years of trial-and-error refining and enhancing this system; I am absolutely confident that you will find the same results I did and will see a dramatic improvement in your Lightroom & Photoshop experience.

If for any reason you decide that this program is not right for you, just let me know within 60 days of purchase and I will gladly refund your money. Absolutely no questions asked, and NO FINE PRINT.

I’m happy to absorb all of the risks and offer this guarantee because I am certain you will love this program, but I understand it may not be for everyone – so there is NO RISK to try it out!


Christopher O'Donnell, Landscape Photographer and Educator
Christopher O'Donnell, Landscape Photographer and Educator

My name is Chris O’Donnell, landscape photographer and online educator, and I’ve been using Lightroom and Photoshop to process my photos for quite a few years now (PS since 2006, and LR came along a few years later). 

I don’t create courses that tell you what you “should” or “should not” do. Instead, I pull the curtain back on my creative techniques and workflows, revealing my own perspective and experiences after 10+ years immersed in landscape photography – and leave it up to you on how this new knowledge should be used for enhancing YOUR Lightroom & Photoshop workflow.

The goal of my courses is to get your creative gears grinding and provide you with the tools and knowledge to develop your own techniques – both in the digital darkroom and the field. Not only is this more satisfying creatively, but sets you up for future success by relying on your own skills as a photographer. 



$39 USD

  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Support
  • 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee


$197 USD

  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Support
  • 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee

Do You Have Any Questions? Need Help?

Write me directly at chris@creativeraw.com

Richard Adduci

"Absolutely superb. Your entire package ‘For Landscapes’, both Lightroom and Photoshop is really humbling. I thought I knew something about Photoshop before starting the course… I now know better.


I have paid more for a lot less when it comes to educational courses so I really appreciate the value in your work. Even upon completion of your program, I will monitor and stay alert for new additions and changes. I love the ‘lifetime’ continuum built into your program. I believe it is unique."

Julie Stone

"Enrolling in the CreativeRaw Membership has been a priceless investment that has paid for itself many times over.


I was skeptical about a program offering not only courses but a lifetime of future program updates for no additional fees...plus email support with questions and troubleshooting technical issues. But I will admit, I have been pleasantly surprised.


Chris is a great trainer and his lessons are in a practical working sequence and are easy to understand. I have been a member since May 2015 and have found that Chris is always quick to respond and continues to make improvements to keep his site and modules up to date.


I’m sure if you decide to sign up for the CreativeRaw membership that you will find it to be a valuable tool for advancing your photography skills.”

Dave Hull

"I am so pleased to use your video series to delve into Photoshop. I was reluctant to buy into becoming a Lifetime Member with the Lightroom course, but in retrospect the investment was well worth that cost – perhaps one of the best steps that I have made to improve my photography skills.


Now after going through all of the Photoshop video modules I can understand the huge advantages provided by PS – especially the dodging and burn steps. So my next step is to back up and work through the hands on process to understand the basics of layers, luminosity masks, etc.


Thank you again for help to provide me a basic understanding of Photoshop…!!! I understand that this is just scratching the surface of the tools that are available for me to become more creative….with time…!"

William Britten

"I signed on to your Lightroom/Photoshop course a month or so ago, and would like to share my experience with you.


I’m a professional photographer, have owned a gallery in Gatlinburg, TN (the Bar Harbor of the Smoky Mountains) for ten years. I’ve been tempted by your courses for a while now, but have hesitated because I’ve been using LR/PS forever, and didn’t want to spend time going over the basics.


I’ve just about finished the LR videos, and have enjoyed them so much! As I suspected, there’s a lot to be learned from another professional’s perspective. Especially your approach to color has been really enlightening.


The individual units are very well done, and the course as a whole has a cohesive quality that all fits. I can tell you’ve put a lot of work into the course, and just wanted to share my satisfaction with you."

Jim Vaughan

"Chris, A quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your new output.


I started with a fair understanding of luminosity masks/exposure blending, having seen Tony Kuyper and Sean Bagwell’s videos, all of which are great.


However, you clearly added to my understanding much more than I thought would happen. I think you really hit a home run (at least with me) by exposure blending a pretty complicated image and by slowly going through the blend step by step.


I am really appreciative of your slow, thorough pace through each lesson. I also commend you for giving both Tony and Sean kudos for their great work. thank you."