"Lightroom for Landscapes" is my proven system for creating extraordinary, artistic nature photographs with complete confidence.

By breaking down even the most advanced techniques into simple steps...I'll show you how to use Lightroom with focus, intent, and direction to create your very best images.
Stop hoping for the best with hit-or-miss techniques and develop a faster, easier, and more enjoyable darkroom workflow that is 100% custom for YOU!


"Lightroom for Landscapes" is my proven system for creating extraordinary, artistic landscape photographs with total confidence in Lightroom.

By breaking down even the most advanced techniques into simple steps...I'll show you how to use these programs with focus, intent, and direction to create your very best images.

Stop hoping for the best with hit-or-miss techniques and develop a faster, easier, and more enjoyable darkroom workflow that is 100% custom for YOU!

Here's How The Program Works...

First, you'll learn the Tools.

Lightroom for Landscapes includes simple-to-follow (yet incredibly comprehensive) walkthrough video lessons of every tool in Lightroom Classic.

These 15 modules are spread out over 400 bite-sized lessons that target very specific tools and techniques...segmented into small, manageable steps.

And with instant lifetime access to the videos, you can come back and view them again and again, entirely at your own pace.

Not only do these lessons teach you the "how", but also the "why" for a complete understanding. You'll dig deep into best practices and discover how to use Lightroom properly from the beginning.

And rather than only showing you how to overcome problems, you'll learn how to avoid problems altogether.

Next, you'll craft Workflows.

It's not enough to know how and why a tool is's even more important to know how they can be leveraged to improve your workflow. A hammer is simple to use, but knowing how to use it to build a house is an entirely different story.

Through thoughtful lessons and creative exercises, you'll learn how to trust your instincts and use that as your guide to developing your own processing techniques...which makes the darkroom clearer and more exciting.

These two steps work together cohesively...where the technical knowledge and creative strategies give you the necessary clarity and momentum to make your photography fulfilling and exciting.

CANON 24MM F/1.4L II • F/1.4 • 1/640 SECONDS
CANON 24MM F/1.4L II • F/1.4 • 1/640 SECONDS
Stitched Panorama

Here's exactly what you'll learn about Lightroom Classic...

  • Understand EXACTLY how Lightroom "thinks" and how to set up YOUR best workspace.

    One common thread I've noticed with photographers who struggle with Lightroom is that they don't comprehend how it works fundamentally...and that is your biggest roadblock.

    I'll show you exactly how Lightroom connects to your images through the catalog (and what happens to your original photographs), how to import, export, and print your images the right way, and how to properly manage your catalog file(s)...making Lightroom simple and fun to use.

  • Flawless organization on auto-pilot.

    Discover how to leverage the strongest features of the Library module for automated image organization and management. By using smart collections, keywords, virtual copies, and stacks...I'll help you create a simple and dynamic system for culling and organizing your images quickly...and will give you my personal tips for keeping your library tidy, simple, and VERY easy to manage.

  • Clean and enhance hidden details in your raw photographs.

    Much like any creative medium, you need to properly "prime the canvas" for the creative stage. Sometimes, images are great straight-out-of the camera...but more often than not, they need some initial improvements. And if you're using raw format, you're leaving a LOT of detail on the table if you don't know how to properly enhance your images. 

    Learn how to clear away distractions and pull hidden detail out of your shadows and highlights...unlocking the full benefits of raw and paving the way to an exceptional photograph.

  • Deepen your dynamic range with exposure blending.

    Our cameras typically can not capture the full range of detail in a single frame...which often leaves your images looking lackluster compared to the scene you witnessed in the field (this is especially true for landscape photography).

    Learn how to properly bracket and blend to create images that explode with vibrant colors and exceptional detail without any enhancement....for an impactful, yet completely natural-looking landscape photograph.

  • "Paint with light" through dodging and burning.

    Dodging and burning is absolutely the number one method for enhancing the mood and atmosphere of your photographs, which makes it one of my favorite processing techniques.

    This incredible workflow allows you to literally paint light with a brush, carving out a path that leads the viewer through your frame...and I'll show you a simple (yet versatile) technique that will give you the highest quality detail and color every time.

  • Build and strengthen the tone, color, and contrast.

    While there are many tools and techniques at your disposal, your time in the darkroom all comes down to:

    1. identifying your creative intent,
    2. enhancing the qualities that help to express that vision, and
    3. minimizing qualities that distract from it.

    And that is achieved by strengthening the relationship between luminosity, color, and contrast...and finding a pleasing balance between all three.

    Discover how to create and enrich your colors, enhance the atmosphere by directing light and shadow, and enhance detail and texture to bring attention to your focal points...all with a degree of control and quality that is simply not possible with just your camera.

    Most importantly, you'll learn how to genuinely love the creative process when you realize just how simple it can be to build an extraordinary portfolio.

Stitched Panorama
Stitched Panorama

...and all this covers just about 50% of what you'll find once you enroll for the lifetime membership (not to mention new modules planned for the future).

A few video samples of what you'll find in the program...


If you're only looking for "hacks", shortcuts, and one-click presets that give your photographs an instant "pop"....this isn't the program for you.

By investing in Lightroom for Landscapes, you're doing much more than simply making a one-off purchase like a book or attending a workshop, where the value abruptly ends...

...nor is this your typical hodge-podge of random "shortcut" tutorials with no thread of continuity.

You are investing in a cohesive, supportive learning system designed for the long-game.

I'm going to help you build a custom framework for your darkroom workflow so you know exactly what you want to create, and the correct sequence of decisions required to get there...

...because you don't need to use every tool in Lightroom to achieve YOUR creative goals. Not only is that massively overwhelming, but it will overcomplicate your workflow and distract you from creating meaningful images.

Instead, I'll show you how to "lean in" to your creative strengths and cultivate a craft based on your unique vision...because who wants to simply become a library of tools and techniques?

This is why free tutorials can be fun and interesting for a while...but rarely do they move the needle in your creative development. They lack the necessary context and nurturing environment that will make you grow as a photographer...

...and if you've tried other courses in the past that left you disappointed, this is probably the reason.

There are photographers who joined this program more than five years ago and they still get immense value to this day....and as you'll read below, they call it the best investment they've made in their photography.

And all without having to sacrifice quality for simplicity.


Randall Huleva

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the absolutely fabulous courses and tutorials that you have produced - and for being absolutely the BEST photo educator I have personally encountered.
I have had a lot of memberships over the years - many with the biggest and most famous names in this business. However, I find your sincere, down to earth and extremely knowledgeable style - all while being one of the nicest and most humble people I have had the pleasure to work with - to be far superior to them all!
Your CreativeRAW membership has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my photography. I was skeptical at first because I had heard the same “sales promotions” pitched so many times before. While most of them ended up being a disappointment, your courses have exceeded even my most optimistic HOPES of what a good course should be.
I know in our busy world few people stop to say “thanks” when you are doing a GREAT job, but today, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your commitment to the CreativeRAW products and community!
With sincerest gratitude,


Geoff Dawes

"Well thought out and very well produced. It is the most comprehensive and helpful course I have ever taken, and I have taken a lot of courses.
The “nuts and bolts” of the course, learning the myriad of buttons and controls, is done in such a way as to be extremely easy to follow and implement. But what puts this course a level above any other I have done is the fact that Chris explains in great detail why one would use the adjustments explained.
This has meant for me that when I take a photograph my decisions are not just based on field conditions anymore, but also on what I can achieve later in post-processing.
The day I signed up to Creative Raw was the start of an incredible journey that has brought me much further than I could have ever imagined. If I had a teacher like you as a child, there would be nothing I couldn't achieve.
I am so looking forward to the next batch of lessons. I have never had so much fun learning something new.
Thank you Chris, you will never know how much I appreciate the incredible tutorials that you produce."

Screenshot 2020-02-02 14.18.37

Wayne Gillespie

Chris' knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom is off the charts and his ability to explain it to newbies like me is equally invaluable. He is so dedicated to his craft and his sharing of this knowledge with the members just shows how passionate he is to teach the world how to master the very intimidating world of Photoshop and Lightroom.
On top of that, the 24-7 one on one help is just as he states. A mere email away. I have asked him many times to explain things to me and his response is almost immediate and so helpful. He won't make you feel intimidated to ask at any time.
I can say, because I have tried other sites, that you will never get this type of support without having to pay an awful lot more and have a subscription that constantly has to be renewed with additional funds ad infinitum.
My photography has improved immensely by viewing and using the techniques that are taught at Creative Raw. There were many times that I really wanted to throw a brick through my monitor when I used Lightroom. That is no longer the case. When I get stuck now I will just send a jingle to Chris and he will get right back with a detailed explanation of what I am missing.
If you have any need to improve your skills in Lightroom, I would highly recommend that you become a lifetime member immediately and begin the journey to mastering these programs with Chris' help. You will not be disappointed.”


Joen Wolfrom

"As a long-term Lightroom underachiever, I vowed that this year was my year to become proficient in Lightroom. Hence I jumped at the chance to enroll in Chris O’Donnell’s online class. Chris’s lessons, presented in a sequential learning style, set me right on-course.
The first lessons were welcome reviews with new insights presented in an informal, learning-friendly pace. Subsequent lessons gave me the much-needed information that I yearned to know and provided me with hands-on experimentation for skill-building. I am thrilled with my new-found knowledge and photo-editing skills. For me, this class has been a priceless opportunity.
Knowing this, he should be truly impressed with himself, as it’s been sunny and in the 70s and 80s these past few days and I haven’t even noticed. I’ve been immersed in the lessons and my practice images. My head is spinning; my notebook is jammed with notes, and I’m on a Lightroom high!"


Paula Buermele

"I began learning Lightroom with Chris’s classes in 2015. I was new to digital photography and I knew nothing about how to process a photo.
Chris’s method of teaching is very methodical and the lessons are presented in a logical order. I was able to build a sensible workflow right from the beginning. Most other teaching programs ignore things like lens correction and the transform tools but no stone is left unturned in the creativeRAW modules. I not only built a solid set of processing skills, I built confidence in my results.
The most important thing I learned was how to analyze my photos to see what needed adjustment. I didn’t waste time just guessing what to do or experimenting and getting a pleasing result with no idea about how I got the result or how to repeat it on other photos.
The lifetime membership option is especially valuable. I know I can count on Chris to help me work through a question or give helpful advice on how to solve a problem that eludes me. The facebook forum is also a gentle way to stay in touch with other photographers and get inspiration or simply enjoy other people’s work.
I highly recommend these courses for photographers who want their photos to reflect the beauty of their work."

How about some BONUSES as well?

Bonus #1: Full Workflow Videos

When it comes to the darkroom, you need more than just theory to guide your processing. You need to absorb the practical application of those tools and techniques by crafting an image in a step-by-step process.

These complete workflow videos (with practice files) show you the development of an image from start to finish...and provide a framework that you can build on to construct your own processing workflows.

Look over my shoulder and watch me process from the original raw file to the finalized photograph, explaining every step along the way.

It’s a lot like fitting pieces of a puzzle together: the program lessons provide you with the tools and techniques, but the workflow videos are the blueprints that tell you which piece goes where.

The best part about these workflows is that they use no presets – meaning you will actually learn step-by-step how to process extraordinary landscapes instead of relying on automation...which makes exploring the darkroom easier, more enjoyable, and creatively fulfilling.

Bonus #2: Creative Assignments and Quizzes

The old saying does ring true, “In one ear and out the other” when it comes to retaining new skills. When learning how to master Lightroom, that information tends to disperse at an alarming rate as our brain is limited to what it can absorb in one sitting.

You've probably seen this yourself after watching a tutorial video: half of the information is forgotten by the end of the day...and a week or two later, you find yourself watching the entire lesson over again.

This is why I've specially designed each lesson to reinforce learning pathways and help you retain these new skills easily, such as:

  • segmenting each lesson into highly-focused "bite-sized" topics (most are under 5 minutes) that are easy to digest.
  • written summaries for each lesson that review the most important highlights (these make great study guides).
  • video timestamps so you can easily jump to the exact topic you want to learn.
  • quizzes to immediately test new concepts...because you'll remember more when you're asked to recall something you just learned.

While these features are immensely helpful, the real value is the creative assignments because they encourage action. You can watch video tutorials all day...but until you actually get "hands-on" with these new concepts and techniques and incorporate them into your workflow, you're not getting the full value.

What I like most about this is that you are NOT doing busy-work to waste your time on. When you put these new skills into practice...not only do you more easily retain the knowledge, but you are encouraged to constructively think of ways to amend them to complement your unique creative vision.

Bonus #3: Lifetime Access and Updates

When you join Lightroom for Landscapes, you get lifetime access AND lifetime updates - no fine print whatsoever.

This program was originally released in early 2015. Earlier this year, I completely recreated the program from scratch, easily doubling the amount of well as adding new features like assignments and quizzes.

Everything's new. The entire framework is brand-new, and the processing techniques taught are much more in-depth.

All those photographers who originally enrolled in 2015 received this new version totally free of charge.

This program is yours for life. And when I add and/or replace modules, all that new work is yours – free of charge.

I'm not looking to nickel-and-dime anyone.

I want to deliver genuine, useful value...and the more I teach, the better I get at teaching. As my understanding evolves, I want you to be the beneficiary.

No monthly fees, and no future "upgrades" for additional access. Pay once and learn forever, period.


Enroll Below and Get Started Today

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Questions? I'm here to help at

More testimonials from current members...

"Chris is an amazing teacher! His lessons are clear, well organized, and presented in a way that is helpful to beginners as well as more advanced Lightroom users. As an older (75 years!) learner, I appreciate the pace as well as the precision with which Chris presents his lessons. Creative Raw is a major resource for helping me to grow as a photographer and as a photo editor." - Lynn B.


"I have found your Lightroom course to be an excellent learning tool. You are very patient in explaining the reasoning behind why you choose smart objects as a way to keep track of any changes now or in the future! You have provided free updates to your courses with the life membership, I am not sure if there is any other instructor out there who does this. I would recommend creativeRAW to anyone interested in learning how to process images, they will not be disappointed." - Satish Dasari


"I value my lifetime Creative Raw membership more than anything. It presents an impressive and comprehensive package of tutorials. All modules are extremely well structured and lessons are developed with great pedagogy. I have subscribed to other membership of the kind before, but this is the only one that truly honours its commitment to one-on-one assistance when required. Questions are answered quickly and comprehensively. This membership has been a real help in my development. Thank you Chris!" - Claude Hamel


"I’m a professional photographer, have owned a gallery in Gatlinburg, TN (the Bar Harbor of the Smoky Mountains) for ten years. I’ve been tempted by your courses for a while now, but have hesitated because I’ve been using LR/PS forever, and didn’t want to spend time going over the basics. I’ve just about finished the LR videos, and have enjoyed them so much! As I suspected, there’s a lot to be learned from another professional’s perspective. Especially your approach to color has been really enlightening. The individual units are very well done, and the course as a whole has a cohesive quality that all fits. I can tell you’ve put a lot of work into the course, and just wanted to share my satisfaction with you." - William Britten


"I was skeptical about a program offering not only courses but a lifetime of future program updates for no additional email support with questions and troubleshooting technical issues. But I will admit, I have been pleasantly surprised. Chris is a great trainer and his lessons are in a practical working sequence and are easy to understand. I have found that Chris is always quick to respond and continues to make improvements to keep his site and modules up to date.” - Julie Stone


"Chris, A quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your new output. I started with a fair understanding of luminosity masks/exposure blending...however, you clearly added to my understanding much more than I thought would happen. I think you really hit a home run (at least with me) by exposure blending a pretty complicated image and by slowly going through the blend step by step. Thank you. - Jim Vaughn

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Lightroom for Landscapes is spread out over 15 modules and 400+ bite-sized video lessons, as well as creative assignments and quizzes. This will take some time to complete, but is specially designed to cover specific topics you can easily jump in and out without feeling overwhelmed.  

Since you have lifetime access and updates, your course will never you can move entirely at your own pace. All modules and lessons are accessible immediately, and available 24/7.

This program is meticulously designed for both the beginner and the veteran photographer. Lessons are not exclusive to a certain skill level, but rather cover specific topics. If the material is too advanced, you can easily revert to an earlier lesson to provide the necessary context. 

If you consider yourself a darkroom expert, I still think you will find immense value in the program. I often hear from current members who thought they knew Lightroom "inside and out", but still picked up valuable techniques that greatly improved their current workflow. 

That’s the best part: immediately! No need to wait for multiple gigabytes to download as you sift through folders of lessons. The entire program is loaded and ready to go as soon as you enroll, and lessons are laid out sensibly so you can easily navigate to the exact topic you want to start with.

Of course, you can also download every video for offline viewing – it’s entirely up to you. There is no expiration on enrollment, so you can log in at any time to watch and/or download the lessons.

Absolutely. The entire program is available via streaming and each video lesson can be downloaded to your computer with no limits whatsoever.

By offering both streaming and downloads, you can access the program from any device regardless of location or internet speed. 

The Lightroom modules are designed to work best with Lightroom CC Classic (standalone desktop version). You can use this program for earlier versions of Lightroom, but keep in mind that some lessons will not apply. 

Lightroom CC (mobile) modules are currently in production and will be added to the program in the near future - completely free as part of your enrollment.

About Your Instructor


My name is Christopher O’Donnell, landscape photographer and online educator, and I’ve been using Lightroom and Photoshop to process my photos for quite a few years now (Photoshop since 2006, and Lightroom came along a few years later).

I don’t tell you what you “should” or “should not” do. Instead, I pull the curtain back on my creative techniques and workflows, revealing my own perspective and experiences after 11+ years immersed in landscape photography...and equip you with the knowledge so you can decide how (and where) these new skills fit into YOUR darkroom workflow.

The goal of my program is to get your creative gears grinding with protective “bumpers”  to work within, so you can develop your own techniques with total confidence – both in the digital darkroom and the field.

Not only is this creatively satisfying, but it sets you up for future success by perfecting your craft and relying on your own skills.

Here's the short and simple...

It doesn't matter how skillful you are with your camera or how exceptional your photographs are. If you don't have a proper mentor showing you how to use Lightroom, you'll end up making a lot of regrettable mistakes, waste an immense amount of time (and probably money), and have an all-around miserable experience.

No one wants to waste hours "googling" tutorials for mediocre answers (at best).  Instead of showing you how to dig yourself out of a hole, I'll show you how to avoid the hole altogether by teaching you the right way, the first time.

Now I still firmly believe that anyone can master Lightroom themselves...if they have a lot of time on their hands. However, attempting to go at this alone will result in overwhelm, confusion, and can potentially lead you far down the wrong path. Don't go down that rabbit hole trying to learn everything, but ultimately mastering nothing.

You already know that having an experienced, dedicated mentor can make all the difference in how soon you master your craft.

This program will make you more comfortable, more competent, and more confident with the digital darkroom than you've ever been. You'll learn to process with intent, direction, and confidence...which will give you a more fulfilling portfolio that is a true representation of your creative vision.

If you know that the next stage in your darkroom journey is the help of a qualified mentor…then I'd like to invite you to join me.

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Updates Included