Bonus Lesson: 6 More Ways Luminosity Masks will Enhance your Landscapes


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Welcome back!

Here we are...the LAST video in your free training on luminosity masks!

Now today I saved the best for last...

When I asked what you wanted to learn about luminosity masks the most, I received a LOT of feedback...and many said they failed to see the actual benefits of using them in the first place.

Although we've already gone through the many benefits of luminosity masks in this mini-course, I thought it would be fun to take a step back from intensive workflows and simply show you even more examples of how these masks can greatly improve your processing.

In this lesson, I'll be showing you some simple (yet highly effective) "before and after" examples of how luminosity masks can instantly add color, depth, and texture to your landscape photographs.

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

  • Add contrast the right way without washing out your shadows
  • Instantly recover blown highlights and crushed shadows
  • Enhance the natural light
  • Target your image sharpening so you only sharpen areas you want...and at the correct strength.

When you start using luminosity masks in your own workflow, you are well on your way to creating professional, quality landscape photographs....without cutting corners.

What's the Next Step?

Although these five videos cover luminosity masks rather extensively, they barely scratch the surface as what is possible. In particular, how luminosity masks can greatly enhance your color grading for vibrant, rich hues typical of a true fine-art photograph.

Here are a few more examples of how you can use luminosity masks:

  • Selectively adjust the color of your foliage (every single leaf or blade of grass) without affecting any other part of your frame.
  • Enhance texture and color of a sunset sky without that over-processed, "HDR look".
  • Add selective detail and texture without making your image look fake and crunchy.
  • Accurately enrich the saturation and luminosity of specific colors and strengthen your color harmony.

For many landscape photographers, learning luminosity masks was that pivotal point in the processing journey that transformed their images from vacation snapshots to a fine-art landscape photograph worthy of gallery part due to the outstanding, high-quality color grading that these masks allow.

Best of all: luminosity masks allow you to instantly perform high-quality, precise, and intentional color you can fluently express your creative vision and have fun while doing it (instead of drudging through a tedious and boring workflow).

This is why I made color grading in Photoshop the cornerstone of the creativeRAW Lifetime Membership Program. With the recent batch of new courses, I pull the curtain back on my entire color processing workflow...a technique that has taken me years to develop and refine with luminosity masks.

Now that I've managed to transform such a free-flowing, abstract workflow into a very clear, structured learning system, I can confidently say that this is the most complete and comprehensive training program for Lightroom and Photoshop out there today...just for landscape photographers.

Think about it this way: why purchase such a fantastic program like Photoshop or Lightroom if you don’t plan on using some of its most helpful features?

Photoshop tools like luminosity masks, dodging and burning, creative color grading….and don’t forget the fantastic organizational tools of Lightroom, such as rating and culling, import presets, keywords, and smart collections.

Once you learn how to masterfully navigate through the incredible tools of Lightroom and Photoshop, you can avoid those processing pitfalls....and instead take advantage of the wonderful creative possibilities that these programs have to offer (and they are truly wonderful).

Unfortunately, many photographers fail to utilize the best features that were specifically designed to make processing easy and fun....or they're using them the wrong way.

This leads to frustration and overwhelm, and puts a damper on a hobby that is supposed to bring you enjoyment.

There are countless tips and tools that will greatly benefit your landscape photographs and make processing a joy rather than a chore, and I cover them fully in my creativeRAW Lifetime training program...which is opening up for Spring enrollment in just a few days!

More details on enrollment will be coming your way shortly, so stay tuned!

Thanks for joining me for another free Photoshop mini course. And remember: if you have ANY questions about Lightroom or Photoshop, please let me know!

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