Video 4: Advanced Exposure Blending with Luminosity Masks


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Hello again from Boston!

I'm back with Lesson 4 in your free training on luminosity masks, and I think you're really going to enjoy what I have in store for you.

The most popular topic I was asked to cover in this series was how luminosity masks enhance the quality of your exposure blending....specifically, how to instantly create 100% custom-made masks that let you blend very specific areas together?

More often than not, our brackets taken in the field don't always come out perfect. Sometimes there is slight movement in between frames where compositions just don't line up.

This is where automated blending methods fail you (such as Blend IF, gradients, or Select and Mask) and you need a more aggressive approach to masking edges or transition zones.

I have great news for you: every single blending challenge that I've been presented with was easily solved by using luminosity masks to refine the selections needed to blend your brackets together.

It's a workflow that I stumbled upon quite a few years ago...and it has saved countless photographs from the trash bin.

I hope you find this lesson helpful....and keep an eye out for your final lesson coming your way soon!

How I use the TK Basic Panel

Note: For installation instructions and additional lessons on how this panel works, make sure to check your download folder that came with the panel for those videos (click here to download).

Exposure Blending Lessons

Below you'll find five additional lessons on basic exposure blending techniques (without luminosity masks), which work well for simple blending situations.

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