Video 2: Using Luminosity Masks to Enhance Light and Atmosphere


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As promised, I’m back with Lesson #2 in your free training on luminosity masks!

A highly requested topic I was asked to cover in this video series was to demonstrate exactly how luminosity masks improve the quality of your landscape processing.

It seems that many of you know that luminosity masks can be powerful, and perhaps even know how they are created (if you don't, make sure to watch Lesson #1) but really need to see some actual, real-world examples of how this technique can enhance your colors and tones.

So for your second lesson here, we're going to delve deeper by exploring different ways to use these specialized masks...and how they can intensify the light and atmosphere of your landscape.

This lesson has a wealth of information based on your feedback, and I know you're going to love the "before and after" examples here.

This is where luminosity masks get really exciting because now that you know how they work, you can better visualize what is possible when you incorporate them into your own workflow...and you'll see how quickly how these masks take a lackluster photograph and transform it into an extraordinary work of art, exploding with color, depth, and detail.

I hope you enjoy this lesson and stay tuned for Video #3 coming your way shortly!

How I use the TK Basic Panel

Note: For installation instructions and additional lessons on how this panel works, make sure to check your download folder that came with the panel for those videos (click here to download).

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