The new creativeRAW website is now live!

I have some exciting news for creativeRAW members…. After an entire month of hard work, I’m happy to announce that the creativeRAW website is ready to go! Watch the video below to get a tour of this brand-new platform and check out some of the fantastic features I’ve added.
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My Future with Lightroom Classic and Thoughts on CC

There’s big news from Adobe this week and it has left a lot of Lightroom users either totally confused or disappointed (mostly both). I’ve had a few days to mull things over, and I’m here to offer up my recommendations that may help you better understand this monumental shift in the Adobe ecosystem. Wait – …

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Complete Guide to Backing up Your Landscape Photos Securely: Part Three

Welcome back, my friends! Here we are….the final part to my comprehensive series on how to properly (and securely) backup your photographs. In the final chapter here, I’ll be going over how I: Properly backup and sync my Lightroom catalog file between my laptop and desktop. Handle the backup workflow for my Photoshop (PSD)files. Also …

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Complete Guide to Backing up Your Landscape Photos Securely: Part Two

Welcome back to my three-part series on how to properly (and securely) backup your precious raw files! In Part 2 here, I'll be showing you the exact backup workflow I use for my own landscape photographs. This is a method that has evolved with me over the years, and I hope that it will help you strengthen your own photo backups and protect yourself from a catastrophic loss.
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Complete Guide to Backing up Your Landscape Photos Securely: Part One

If you're anything like me, then you know how important it is to recover your images from any kind of destructive force...whether it be a computer meltdown, damaged/stolen external drives, or the most likely cause: corrupt files. I must get at least half a dozen emails every week asking about my photo backup workflow, so I figured it's time I outline (in great detail, as usual) the exact steps I take to make sure that my raw files are protected to the max. It’s not a matter of "if" something will happen to your photos, it’s when. I'm not saying this to scare you, but to put the importance of a proper backup system into perspective.
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How I Photograph a Golden Hour Landscape

There's a profound challenge that many landscape photographers face when photographing a sunrise or sunset: they often find that their golden hour images rarely represent the scene they observed. In this article, I go over some of my best tips to compose and create extraordinary landscapes so you can start photographing the golden hours with confidence and accuracy.
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Strengthening Camera Stability for Rock-Solid Brackets

The smallest amount of prevention can save you much frustration during the exposure blending process….and it all starts with camera stability. Blurry photos with soft focus and/or an inconsistent depth of field can completely derail your blending workflow, causing you to lose out on a potentially extraordinary landscape photograph. Since you’re blending multiple exposures together …

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How to Avoid the “HDR Look” when Exposure Blending

Exposure blending in Photoshop is a revolutionary processing technique that can transform boring, lackluster landscapes into extraordinary works of art. More importantly, this workflow can overcome the limitations of your camera’s sensor so you can recreate the exact scene you witnessed in the field. However, exposure blending makes it very easy to overprocess your image …

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Easy Steps to Prevent (and Reverse) Camera Condensation

Condensation forms on your lens when you have dramatic temperature and/or humidity changes and your camera is not protected from the elements. When your gear hits that dramatic change of air, condensation forms while the temperature regulates….which can definitely be worrisome on your expensive gear. Don’t panic! A few rounds of condensation won’t ruin your camera, nor will your lens fogging up cause any permanent damage. However, you should definitely take some easy steps to prevent this from becoming a habit. Too many cycles can begin to wear on your gear, especially on the internal mechanisms.
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Speed Up Your Lightroom Import

Automation is the KEY to a streamlined workflow in Lightroom. The entire program was designed to automate those redundant tasks you perform over and over, and Lightroom has some fantastic tools for performing those repetitive steps you do at each import. I'd like to share some tips that I find to speed up my imports so I can get to my images as quickly as possible, while also shaving some time off spent in the Library and Develop module.
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