HDR Field Guide

HDR Field Guide


HDR Field Guide

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A necessary part of landscape photography is to capture the full dynamic range of the natural light, which will provide more detail and color, and fewer over/underexposed areas. In this 48-page field guide, I outline my best tips and tricks for capturing flawless brackets so you can capture every detail of your landscape.




What you’ll find inside this 48-page PDF file:

  • Raw format and bit depth explained in simple terms.
  • Why bracketing is better than adjusting 1 raw file.
  • The pros and cons of GND filters (and why I prefer to bracket).
  • My entire bracketing workflow: step-by-step with photo examples.
  • The exact gear I use in the field to stabilize my camera for bracketing.
  • And many more tips and tricks for improving your brackets and blending.