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My Best Articles and Tutorials for Landscape Photography

Strengthening Camera Stability for Rock-Solid Brackets

The smallest amount of prevention can save you much frustration during the exposure blending process….and it all starts with camera stability. Blurry photos with soft focus and/or an inconsistent depth of field can completely derail your blending workflow, causing you to lose out on a potentially extraordinary landscape photograph. Since you’re blending multiple exposures together...
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How I Photograph a Golden Hour Landscape

There's a profound challenge that many landscape photographers face when photographing a sunrise or sunset: they often find that their golden hour images rarely represent the scene they observed. In this article, I go over some of my best tips to compose and create extraordinary landscapes so you can start photographing the golden hours with...
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How to Avoid the “HDR Look” when Exposure Blending

Exposure blending in Photoshop is a revolutionary processing technique that can transform boring, lackluster landscapes into extraordinary works of art. More importantly, this workflow can overcome the limitations of your camera’s sensor so you can recreate the exact scene you witnessed in the field. However, exposure blending makes it very easy to overprocess your image...
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Master Photoshop Layers in this Free video course

4-Part video series complete with practice files and video downloads.

Layers are crucial to expert processing in Photoshop…and mastering them is easier than you think.

Join me in this free video course as I show you the best way to use layers as a landscape photographer.

These straightforward lessons won’t make your brain hurt, and will have you creating superior images today. 

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