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Editing vs. processing in Lightroom and Photoshop

The Difference Between “Editing” and “Processing” in Photoshop

When I first began exploring the wondrous world of Photoshop, my "workflow" was a convoluted mess. Although I was learning different tools and techniques, steadily expanding my creative processing tool belt through my own trial and errors...each processing session became longer and more frustrating. Here's a typical scenario during my ...

Three Steps to Strengthening your Creative Workflow

Lightroom and Photoshop are supposed to be fun programs to use...and the first step to a simpler, more enjoyable darkroom workflow is to put in the work and learn exactly how they function. That's the plain and simple truth. However, it can be quite daunting to simply begin processing with ...
Why it's better to auto bracket a landscape when exposure blending

Why you Should Always Auto Bracket a Landscape for Exposure Blending

Have you ever photographed a beautiful landscape only to find that your images rarely represent the stunning scene you witnessed? Most likely, the amount of light you photographed was too much for your camera to reign in with just one shutter speed. Don't worry though...there's a very easy fix for this ...

My Future with Lightroom Classic and Thoughts on CC

There's big news from Adobe this week and it has left a lot of Lightroom users either totally confused or disappointed (mostly both). I've had a few days to mull things over, and I'm here to offer up my recommendations that may help you better understand this monumental shift in ...

Complete Guide to Backing up Your Landscape Photos Securely: Part Three

Welcome back, my friends! Here we are....the final part to my comprehensive series on how to properly (and securely) backup your photographs. In the final chapter here, I'll be going over how I: Properly backup and sync my Lightroom catalog file between my laptop and desktop. Handle the backup workflow ...

Complete Guide to Backing up Your Landscape Photos Securely: Part Two

Welcome back to my three-part series on how to properly (and securely) backup your precious raw files! In Part 2 here, I'll be showing you the exact backup workflow I use for my own landscape photographs. This is a method that has evolved with me over the years, and I ...

Complete Guide to Backing up Your Landscape Photos Securely: Part One

Welcome to my three-part series on a very boring, but an undoubtedly essential topic for landscape photographers: how to properly (and securely) backup your precious raw files. INTRODUCTION If you're anything like me, then you know how important it is to recover your images from any kind of destructive force...whether it ...

How I Photograph a Golden Hour Landscape

There's a profound challenge that many landscape photographers face when photographing a sunrise or sunset: they often find that their golden hour images rarely represent the scene they observed. Not only is the sky blown out and the foreground deep in shadow, but compositions tend to weaken when distracted by ...

Strengthening Camera Stability for Rock-Solid Brackets

The smallest amount of prevention can save you much frustration during the exposure blending process....and it all starts with camera stability. Blurry photos with soft focus and/or an inconsistent depth of field can completely derail your blending workflow, causing you to lose out on a potentially extraordinary landscape photograph. Since ...
Christopher O'Donnell, Landscape Photographer and Educator
Christopher O'Donnell, Landscape Photographer and Educator

Welcome! I'm Chris O'Donnell.

I’ve been using Lightroom and Photoshop to process my photos for quite a few years now (PS since 2006, and LR came along a few years later). 

I don't tell you what you “should” or “should not” do. Instead, I pull the curtain back on my creative techniques and workflows, revealing my own perspective and experiences after 10+ years immersed in landscape photography – and leave it up to you on how this new knowledge should be used for enhancing YOUR Lightroom & Photoshop workflow.

The goal of my guides and courses is to get your creative gears grinding and provide you with the tools and knowledge to develop your own techniques – both in the digital darkroom and the field.

Not only is this more satisfying creatively, but sets you up for future success by relying on your own skills as a photographer.