Tone and Detail

Tone and Detail

Tone and Detail


Ever wonder what the difference is between clarity, contrast, and texture? Or perhaps you don’t understand the exact changes taking place with your basic sliders, and resort to randomly pulling at them until you achieve a passable image? Learn how to leverage the tone and presence sliders of Lightroom (or ACR) to enhance contrast, detail, and create an overall higher-quality photograph with intent and direction.



If there’s one thing you could do right now to greatly improve the quality of your portfolio, it would be to learn how to properly use the tonal and presence sliders in Lightroom (or ACR)….hands-down. These tools directly enhance the tone, detail, and contrast…which as you probably know, make up the structure of your photographs.

This is why I wanted to create this premium course…because it will grant you absolute clarity on two very important things:

1. What the tone and presence sliders do exactly, and
2. a simple workflow to determine exactly which sliders to use on an image, and at what strength.

The result? A quicker road to higher quality photographs.