Lightroom Catalog Cleanup

Lightroom Catalog Cleanup

Lightroom Catalog Cleanup


Learn how to tame your Lightroom Classic catalog with this step-by-step guide for organizing your existing image files, keywords, and well as how to develop your own SIMPLE strategy for staying organized in the future (so you never have to clean up your catalog again).



Is your Lightroom catalog in disarray and could use a bit of “spring cleaning”?

Perhaps you have missing images and folders that need to be found, or have a random mess of collections and keywords with no actual strategy in place. Or maybe you have no strategy whatsoever, and your catalog is now a random hodge-podge of keywords, collections, and a loose pile of images.

Either way, you’re not leveraging the best tools of Lightroom for organization…which is massively frustrating.

Here’s the short and simple: Lightroom is specifically designed to be easy to use, and can (almost) fully automate your image organization.

But when you (1) learn how to use these tools and (2) develop a game plan for organizing that’s based on how YOU think…maintaining a neat and tidy catalog becomes ridiculously simple.

This in-depth course will show you how to:

  • Develop your own system for image organization.
  • Resolve missing images and folders (and how to avoid them altogether).
  • Clean up your collections and folders in a sensical order.
  • Smartly use keywords in a strategic way, rather than simply adding every conceivable keyword you can think of.
  • Stay organized moving forward so you don’t have to clean up your catalog again.