Lightroom Cheatsheet

Lightroom Cheatsheet


Lightroom Cheatsheet

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Discover how to work faster and smarter in Lightroom Classic with this simple-to-follow workflow from import to export. I’ve spent years perfecting this system, and now you can use it to better organize and process your own images.



Learn my exact start-to-finish Lightroom workflow from import to export, including dozens of my best tips such as:

  • The most secure way to import images and minimize the risk of file corruption.
  • The proper order to use your tonal sliders instead of randomly sliding with no intent or direction.
  • The best way to add contrast to your images (it’s not the contrast slider).
  • Simple steps to enhance color purity and harmony without any of the typical side effects (like color clipping and unwanted changes in hue).

….and many more!