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FREE Lightroom Classic Lesson: How Lightroom Works

I hope you’re ready to finally learn how Lightroom works “under the hood”!

Trust me: knowing exactly how Lightroom “imports” your images and the amazing benefits of the catalog file will pay off exponentially by saving you tons of wasted time and confusion.

I find that many photographers have misconceptions about how Lightroom handles their images (specifically the raw files), which can lead to regrettable mistakes and overcomplicating the workflow.

Lightroom is actually designed to be very simple and intuitive to use…but if you don’t understand how to best use its features to your advantage, you’ll be taking a much longer (and fragile) road to the same destination.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in the following lesson:

  • How Lightroom connects to your images, and how it compares to Photoshop and other “non-virtual” image processors.
  • What happens to your source files (the original image files on your disk) when Lightroom imports them into the catalog.
  • How the catalog file functions and the benefits of a “virtual” image processor.
  • The power of the non-destructive workflow, and how Lightroom protects your images from irreversible damage using previews.
  • How Lightroom excels as a DAM (digital asset manager), specifically image organization with keywords and collections.