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Lightroom and Photoshop are designed to be simple programs to use...although it may not always seem like it.


Let me be your guide through the murky waters of Lightroom and Photoshop...and start creating the landscape photographs you've always wanted. 


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Free Course: Master the Foundations of Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop workflows such as exposure blending, dodging and burning, or color grading may seem daunting at first glance....but in reality, they are incredibly simple workflows to execute once you learn the four basic principles of Photoshop: layers, masks, smart objects, and luminosity masks.


I know how important these concepts are to landscape I've created this comprehensive foundations course that will teach you these principles in an easy-to-follow, sensical way.

Landscape Photography Guide Field Library

My downloadable field guides will give you the proven, step-by-step blueprints that I personally use to capture and process my landscape images...including my very best creative techniques and tips.


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  • Lightroom Workflow Cheatsheet
  • HDR Field Guide
  • Sunrise & Sunset Field Guide
  • Autumn Field Guide

....and more goodies on the way!


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Premium Landscape Photography Tutorials

Take a deep dive into creative techniques with my premium tutorials, written especially for landscape photographers. These hefty articles cover a wide variety of topics, from specialized "in the field"  techniques to creative processing workflows in Lightroom and Photoshop.


These tutorials leave no stone unturned and quite comprehensive... and will include downloadable goodies and field guides, practice files, and video tutorials when relevant, to make learning a bit more fun and interesting 🙂


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