Photoshop Dark Processing

Photoshop Dark Processing

Photoshop Dark Processing


Learn how photographers create a dark, moody atmosphere in their landscapes! If you’re searching for something new, exciting, and advanced to learn in Photoshop…then I think you’ll really enjoy this fun and dynamic course on dark processing.



What is “Dark Processing”?

“Dark processing” is the art of sculpting shadow around light…where you first darken the environment and then gently (and purposefully) build up the highlights back into the image.

The result? An ethereal, mysterious environment that is exploding depth and interest by creating around the absence of light.

In the top image below, you can see that the original raw file is rather boring. The composition is strong, but the light is uninteresting and the atmosphere is not very compelling. There is no story, or soul, behind the image….although the feeling in the field was quite powerful.

What is Dark Processing? - CreativeRAW

However, with some dramatic shifts to the light and shadow, rebalancing the composition, as well as adding some complimentary colors…I was able to add much depth and interest to an image that I probably would have discarded.

More importantly, I was able to infuse the image with the emotion I felt in the field….the heavy, foreboding, and dramatic atmosphere that just didn’t come through with the camera alone.

If you’re feeling like your workflow is a bit stagnant and are searching for a new source of creative inspiration…then I think you’ll really enjoy this fun and dynamic technique.