9 thoughts on “Getting Started with creativeRAW”

  1. This digital syllabus, “Getting Started with creativeRAW”, is well laid out and easy to understand; an auspicious beginning to your course Chris…

  2. I am just starting the course for the first time. I was impressed with the free videos you put out and especially interested to learn the background behind how the various tone tools work as well as how to use them.
    Now I am sitting here with my mouth open at the organization you have put into the course itself, how it is broken down and how one can navigate through it. You have definitely gone extra steps to make sure I get something out of this course, so I intend to do so. Thank you.

  3. Chris,
    The detail you have put into this course material is truly outstanding.
    I have purchased video courses before but your approach to learning is on a different level.
    I am glad I joined the program.

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