Exposure Blending in Lightroom

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  2. Download the practice files (.zip)
  3. Download the HDR Field Guide (.pdf)
  4. Article: Why you (still) need to bracket your landscapes
  5. Article: How to avoid the “HDR Look” when exposure blending

In this Lightroom Classic lesson, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at how to blend exposures in Lightroom and create the highest-quality image possible.

The ability to expand the dynamic range of your camera without sacrificing quality will open up so many creative doors for you. “Without sacrificing quality” is the key, and is what sets Lightroom apart from the plethora of other programs out there today.

Exposure blending is not about creating an overcooked, over-saturated image for that instant “wow” factor…It’s about creating a higher-quality photograph by pulling in every bit of detail that you saw in the field. If you understand that concept, you’re already way ahead of the learning curve.

(And if you don’t, watch the video lesson above).

Hope you enjoy this, and remember to grab the video download for later reference.

How Exposure Blending can Improve your Landscape Photographs

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