Contrast, Luminosity, and Color

Table of Contents

3:50The Definition of Luminosity
7:40Using the Histogram to Evaluate Contrast
10:05Global vs. Local Contrast (Micro-Contrast)
17:27Contrast and Depth Perception
21:05How Local Contrast is the Foundation of an Image
24:35How Texture Contrast Influences your Composition
27:13The Luminosity of Color
31:04Brightness vs. Lightness
36:27Perceived Brightness and the Computer Screen
41:41How Hue and Saturation Affects Value
43:53How Contrast, Luminosity, and Color Influence One Another
47:43Lesson Recap

Contrast, Luminosity, and Color…

These three qualities are often thought of independently, but share a very special relationship as they directly influence one another to comprise the structure of your photograph.

I’ve found that many photographers haven’t fully wrapped their heads around the differences between luminance and luminosity, lightness and brightness, global and local contrast…and will often use the terms interchangeably.

So I wanted to dig deep here with a video lesson and unpack the relationship between contrast, luminosity, and color…

Because once you understand how they influence one another, you can process your detail with more precision for a higher-quality final image.

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3 thoughts on “Contrast, Luminosity, and Color”

  1. Excellent clear explanation of the technical differences between Lightness / brightness, contrast/luminosity and the relationships with saturation vibrance etc. Great use of lightroom and photshop tools to demonstrate and examine these features. I thought I knew most of this, but I learnt a lot, thanks.


    I hadn’t visited your site for a while and I am so glad I did today to refresh my memory of previous lessons from your super courses. Also I learned some new insightful things that have inspired me to try some new ideas with my photographs. Thank you!

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