Lightroom: Local Adjustment Tools

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1 thought on “Lightroom: Local Adjustment Tools”

  1. Wouter J. van Duin

    Part of your Lightroom tutorials are still of importance and meaningful in my opinion, some are not really any longer.

    I wonder if you ever watch any new items on YouTube. New subjects, new ways of processing and new ways of looking at images and of processing are very welcome I think. Luminance and contrast, and transitions are of importance in processing now. Check out some of Alister Benn’s YouTube videos. Nowadays it is no longer true that raw-images look flat in Lightroom. What LCD’s or electronic viewfinders show can be the base for raw-images in Lightroom. If you don’t know how maybe try a FujiFilm camera to find new insights. It could really be an eye-opener.

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