Choosing the Right Profile in Lightroom and ACR

Choosing the Right Profile in Lightroom and ACR

Table of Contents

1:11Lesson Overview
1:43How Profiles are Similar to Film Stock
2:39The Profile Browser
7:05Choosing a Profile to Pull More Detail out of a Raw File
15:15The Difference Between Profiles and Presets
18:57Using Presets and Profiles Together
20:25The Calibration Panel is for Fine-Tuning a Profile
26:37How the Calibration Panel Changes the Parameters of a Hue
27:10Monitor Calibration vs. the Calibration Panel
27:58Lesson Summary

Profiles …

When you want to adjust your colors in Lightroom or ACR, most will typically go straight for the HSL panel….which will get you satisfactory results “most” of the time. 

Eventually, you’ll come across an outlier image that just doesn’t seem to play nice with the HSL panel. 

For example, you want to shift the reds more towards orange, but the sliders aren’t picking up on the exact pixels you wish to change. 

Or perhaps your HSL adjustments are too broad…and you’re shifting other hues close to red that you want to remain untouched. 

Either way, your color processing is off the mark…and it becomes frustrating. 

What if you could decide which pixels are considered to be a specific hue…giving you more power to include (or exclude) specific areas from your color adjustments? 

In comes profiles….which let you go “beneath the surface” and determine how the colors in your raw file area interpreted and displayed on your computer.

Now many think profiles are simply a new alternative to presets, where you can download and install these color “recipes” for your images. 

That’s technically correct, but it’s barely scratching the surface to what profiles can do for your photography…

If you’re ready to dive into the world of profiles, then this “substance over style” video will open up many doors for you in your color processing…and give you long-term results in your photography.

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