My Favorite “Hidden” Features of Lightroom

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Here we are….your third Lightroom video lesson, and this one is going to be a tremendous help.

For the finale here, I’ve put together a collection of my best Lightroom “tips and tricks” that will simplify your workflow and speed up your processing…so you can spend more time creating.

Now these tips won’t replace a proper Lightroom workflow…but they will patch up a few leaks to make it faster and easier. Because if even one tip shaves 30 seconds off of each image, and you process 50 images in the next month…that’s 25 minutes you’ve reclaimed. Now multiply that by a year, and you see where I’m going with this…

REMEMBER: All three Lightroom lessons are fully downloadable…so make sure you grab your videos before I take them down next week.

I hope you have been enjoying these comprehensive Lightroom “mini-lectures”. They won’t make you a Lightroom master “overnight” (sorry, but that’s a myth).

However, if you implement these tips into your own workflow…I can guarantee that you’ll work less and create higher-quality images. And have a ton of fun while doing it 🙂

UPDATE: The 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle is coming Thursday, October 11th!

One thing I have noticed in the 8+ years I’ve been teaching landscape photography is that many overlook (or are simply unaware of) the best tools and features of their gear….things that were specifically designed to make photography fun.

It could be a simple change in your polarizer that gives you vibrant colors….

or a Photoshop shortcut that trims 10 minutes off of your processing workflow….

If you don’t have a professional there to show you the best way to get the results you want, then this lack of knowledge leads to frustration and overwhelm…and puts a damper on a hobby that is supposed to bring you enjoyment.

Photographers can be quick to blame their difficulties on the poor performance of their lens or camera, or that Photoshop “isn’t working right”…

But the truth of the matter is that whether your challenge is in the field or in the darkroom, it can be solved by knowing how to use your tools a little bit better.

Think about it this way: why purchase such fantastic programs like Photoshop or Lightroom….or expensive lenses and tripods….if you don’t know how to use them properly?

This is why I am such a strong advocate for the 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle….because it does two very simple (yet amazing) things for you:

1. Gives you the knowledge and confidence to overcome any kind of photography challenge thrown your way.

2. Saves you a ridiculous amount of money in the process.

Knowledge is the best investment you can make for your photography….not more gear. I’ve always been a firm believer of this mantra….and time and time again, it proves to be true.

You don’t have to take my word for it though:

“I look forward to this sale every year and I’m never disappointed. It is hands down the best value in photography period. My skill level has constantly seen a dramatic jump after each year’s offering. It’s simply mind blowing how insane of a good deal this is.” – Gage Salyards

And I can not wait to show you what is in the bundle this year. It’s incredible.

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Thanks for joining me for this free Lightroom series and I hope you were able to sharpen your processing skills. I’ll be back in a few days with more details when the giveaway starts!

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