Why We Dodge and Burn

Why We Dodge and Burn

Table of Contents

0:00Introduction to the Dodging and Burning Course
1:57Why We Dodge and Burn a Photograph
5:07Dodging and Burning Carves a Visual Path
8:21Different Reasons for Dodging and Burning
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Why We Dodge and Burn …

I find many photographers will dodge and burn simply because they were told to, without knowing the purpose and intention behind it…

So for this lesson, we’ll be discussing the “big picture” idea behind dodging and burning – what is the purpose, and what makes this time-tested workflow so extraordinary?

This technique provides much more than simply adding depth or interest…it’s about enhancing the entire composition, and to create a more engaging, cohesive photograph.

And once you understand YOUR reasons for dodging and burning (not someone else’s), you’ll be able to narrow your creative focus and use this technique purposefully.

In preparation for your next lesson arriving in a few days, my lesson on smoother brushwork (in both Lightroom and Photoshop) will be immensely helpful.

Dodging and burning relies on painting over the areas you want to affect with your brush tool, and the key to seamless results is knowing how to adjust the feather, flow, and density settings.  

And like any tool, if you don’t know how to use it properly…it’s pretty useless.

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